Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sky Color

Sky Color
 Peter Reynolds. 
Candlewick, 2012
ISBN: 0763623458
Material Type: Book
Grade Level: All Ages

Highly Recommended

Sky Color is the third book in Peter Reynold's creatrilogy, which also includes The Dot and Ish. Marisol is a budding artist who lives and breathes for painting so when she is asked to help paint a mural in the library she is ecstatic. Marisol volunteers to paint the sky but is taken aback when she discovers there is no blue paint. A puzzled Marisol becomes more attuned to her surroundings and begins to notice nature's abundance of colors, tones, and hues.  A reminder for everyone of all ages to pause and take note of the vast array of colors in our world and to embrace creativity and individuality. 

Saskatchewan Curriculum Connections
  • Arts Education: Creative and Productive
  • English Language Arts: Personal and Philosophical Context 

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